Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nick Feldman

Nicholas (Nick) John Arthur Feldman

December 30th, 1988 - March 27th, 2009

Numerous family members and friends celebrated the life of my grandson Nicholas John Arthur Feldman on Thursday, April 2, 2009...he was only 20 years old...a life cut way to short.

Our family requested that the circumstances involved in the loss of our Nick needed to be remembered and expressed to everyone.

Nick made a fatal mistake while experimenting with prescription drugs that were not prescribed to him, which seems to be the "new fad". He was not a drug addict or an illicit user. Situations like this can happen to anyone who makes irresponsible choices. If a lesson is not learned from Nick's mistake...we will surely see one of his friends make the same fatal mistake.

The best way to honor Nick is by being mature enough, and strong enough, to stay away from things you know are not right and helping influence someone else who may be considering it as well. THINK before you only takes a split second and a life is gone. Nick would do anything for any of his friends...including laying down his life for you...and that's what he did. He made the mistake for you...don't let his death be in vain...make his death count for your life!

We have a wonderful peace in our hearts that Nick is in heaven with his Grandpa Vern. We know that Nick had time to text a friend to tell him he was feeling we know he had time to call out the "Name of Jesus" and ask forgiveness.

It's so hard to believe I will never see his smile again or hear his voice...he always came walking in the door with a big smile...a loud "hi Gram-D"...followed by a big hug.

You will always have a place tucked inside my heart, "Nickenness"...Love you bunches! Gram-D

Nick's Memorial Service is now online... ...feel free to view it.


Anonymous said...

Mom, You're awesome. Love you. Love and miss you, Nick. Aunt Cheryl

CoreyvAmaro said...

My prayers, and heartfelt thoughts are with you and your family.
I am hugging you from afar and will imagine doing so until I see you in person to give you a real hug of friendship.