Friday, February 6, 2009

February...the "Love" month!

Remember my "Sweet Little 1976 Vert"?

We towed it behind our motorhome all the way to Red Bay, Alabama this past summer...almost lost our motorhome and my VW in this near accident.

It's been up to the snow...

Been to Star Parties from Shingletown, to Fort Davis, Texas...

On our trip this past summer...someone offered to buy when we got home...I said goodbye to my little bug. (The price was right...what can I say!)

Then I received word that my little bug caught on fire and burned a couple of months after I sold was so cute! So ends the life of my sweet little green vert!

A love letter for all of us...uploaded from Valentine's Day!


Wanda said...

Hi Dee ~~ We just got home from our trip of north for the funeral of our dear friend... and I saw your comment on my post.

How nice to meet a new friend. Church Secretary for lots of years... We retired after 47 years of ministry, and I love being retired too.

I felt so sad reading about the demise of your little "bug"... I will be back to read more!

Thanks for your was a good service and safe trip both ways.


Jeanne said...


caren said...

Dee ~ Thank you so much for visiting my's always nice to meet new people.

I am just so sad about your little "bug". it was so cute! Maybe the new people weren't treating it with as much love that you gave it.

Angela Marie said...

What a lovely blog you have! Thank you so much for the comment that you left. I hope that you can visit Moss Landing some time.

How sad about your bug. I had a pale yellow 71. It was my first car and I had a blast in it! I wish that I had kept mine.


Anonymous said...

Mom, I'm sad about your bug...but glad you and John weren't in it when it happened! Love ya. Cheryl in California

see you there! said...

Thanks for recently stopping by my blog. I is always nice to meet someone new.

You ask where I do my thrifting and the answere is just about anywhere I see a thrift store. I don't see so many of them in the East Bay anymore tho.