Saturday, June 21, 2008

We are still on tour!

Ok…I know…it’s been awhile since I posted a blog. Believe me…I’ve tried several times! When you are way out in the middle of nowhere…at least that’s what it feels like sometimes…the internet is not your friend!

You know the feeling when you are finally finished with your blog and you click on publish…and it disappears!?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anyway…we have gone a long ways!

We stopped off in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and spent a few days…hot and sticky days I might add. If you are ever in that area…check out this area!

Then on to West Memphis, Arkansas…on the Mighty Mississippi River! That river is BIG and WIDE! We stayed at the Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi River RV Park…right on the river! That was exciting…the barges…paddle wheelers or paddle boats on the move all day and all night up and down the river!

We stayed there a few days…it was so relaxing.

We checked out Memphis, Tennessee…what fun that was. Don’t miss Beale Street in Memphis when you are there! They close down Beale Street on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and you can hear the blues everywhere! Best place for food and blues on Beale Street? BB King’s of course…where else?

Ever had deep fried dill pickles? NO? Well that is a must if you go to BB King’s…that was one of his favorites! They were so good we went back a second time! Just look at those ribs and wings and deep fried dill pickles!

Then on to Red Bay, Alabama…home of the Tiffin Motor Home Plant…where our RV was made. We needed a little work done on our RV…so back to the factory we went. While work is being done on our RV…we stay in the Allegro RV Park for free! So we have been here almost a week. Monday morning…we head out of town and on down the road.

The Magnolia Trees are beautiful here in Red Bay. The blossoms are huge! No...that is NOT a blossom on my's my sun visor.

As they say here in Red Bay...have a good'n! (have a good one)

I love this town...they are so friendly!

Until next time we are..."on the road again"!


Charm & Grace said...

Hi Dee, I see you made it close to my "neck of the woods" ...way down in Alabama! Being that both hubby and I are Bama grads, Tiffin is a big name in our home. If you don't know the story I'll be glad to fill you in. I am really enjoying your pics from across the country. Oh and we have a restaurant about 3 miles away from our house that serves wings and fried dill pickles. Great!! Hubby actually had his first attempt at cooking some fried dill pickles not too long ago... they were pretty good, too. Praying for traveling mercies for you, your hubby, and your RV!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Well now, aren't you just having the time of your life? I'm so glad you stopped by to see me so I could find you and this lovely adventure! I just wanted to say "Hi" before I jumped in and traveled back through your wonderous travelog. Lord bless you as you go here 'n there doing this 'n that. Delighted to meet you!

p.s. I love your music selection! Living the good life ... is there any other option worth choosing? ; )

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I live just so near Nashville...and have never been to Memphis! I have had fried dill pickles :) I love 'em!
Can't believe two Darlene's from California were shopping my sale this a.m. LOL! I would love a whole vintage ice cream collection...from tables and chairs to scoops and white mtn. freezers! That would be fun and cute.