Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In your Easter Bonnet . . .

Remember when everyone wore hats?

My daughters, Cheryl & Carol wore these

My Grammy Johnson wore this one

My friend, Linda gave this one to me years ago

this was my mother's winter hat
and this was hers
and this was one of her "Easter Bonnets"
and this one...gotta love that orange!
this was my grammy's hat
this was another one of my mom's Easter hat

and another one

I love hats...and of course collect them

this was my grammy's hat & purse

I wish we still wore hats!
I still love them!

Easter is all about. . .


The Dairy Wife said...

Wow ... I'm impressed. They are beautiful. I have to ask, do you have them all displayed in your house?

My daughter wore a Easter bonnet like the first ones you have posted. I wish they'd make a come back too.


Anonymous said...

Mom!! Those are sooo beautiful! I forgot about the hats that Carol and I wore. Remember the matching Easter church outfits and then egg-hunt outfits you used to sew for us? We were sooo cute!! LOL Cheryl

Annemarie said...

My mother laughed at me when I kept her hats that she wanted to throw out. I think all of yours are wonderful Think how much fun it would be to have hats to go with every outfit!

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nel said...

You have the most amazing collection of hats... they are simply gorgeous. And the fact that a lot of them are from loved ones must make them all the more special.