Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Fair Weather Car :-)

I just love "my fun car"...I bought it a few years back...fully's a 1973 VW. I usually call it my V-dub or my Sweeeeeeeet little Vert. For some reason it makes me smile when I drive it...and I love it when kids smile and wave as I drive by.

We also tow it behind our motorhome when we travel.


The French Nest said...

Hi Darlene,

I just came across your blog this evening, and love it! This is such a cute mum always wanted a VW (a yellow one like the one Goldie Hawn drove in 'Foul Play'. They are so cute, and who wouldn't want a car with a vase to put your flowers in?


tongue in cheek said...

What a super cutie of a car!

Talk about travelling in style!

sheila said...

ohh, i am so jealous -i would love a fun little car like that.